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Oops you caught me ... somehow the real me, as I am in this lifetime, just slipped in here, amongst the galleries of relics of my former life journey's. You are peering into a secret glass opening in a corner of one of my infinite small rooms. It is filled with some of my favorite things ...   yes, I collect
teddy bears , who doesn't like these cuddly little creatures. This room was just too tiny for my dogs, two Giant Schnausers, so they are romping around outside of the bay window...but you can see a picture of one of them on the back wall. There are pictures of my four birds in here too...but you can't see them from where you are looking in, sorry they are on the other wall.

The cat I am balancing on my head is new to my menagery and this is good place for him, he is into everything forbidden. He is not quite this big yet...but loves to eat and am sure will soon fill out his fur. The other cat is a ghost, for she is long now in kitty heaven and I miss her...so I like to think that she is still watching. Please visit again, might just have some more small rooms for you to view, through secret windows or the real thing. Have just added more about my pets, just travel the link below to my next phase.

This room, as with my other "Ages" original art, is just for viewing. Thank you for observing this rule.

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Kitty Wompus...gift of the original fat cat Nancy of Graphical Nuances...graphic of basic bay window Glorianon...tubes of stripe cat and chair
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