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"Cabochon"  [ is a lapidary term for a gemstone that has been cut and polished in a domed or rounded shape, as opposed to one that has been faceted or cut into numerous planes, i.e. a diamond. This finish is usually used on gemstones that are more opaque, or colors you can not see through, but some clear or translucent gems are produced this way, too. ]
The Brow Chakra, number six, is found in the center of the forehead and is also called the Third Eye or center of intuition. The color assigned to this chakra is indigo or dark blue, designating search of spiritual purpose.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

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iolite gemstones 
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Iolite, also know as Cordierite, is the choice of many as "the" Third eye stone. Have to agree with the group and that is why it is the first gemstone shown here. Although I am very fond of using a small, chatoyant Sodalite cab, a mineral or gem that is not normally attributed as displaying this flash eminating from within a stone.

Called "violet stone", Iolite, a transluscent gemstone, is found in shades of violet, more often a darker or blue-violet. It can be also found in shades of blue and is said to also be found with green, brown and even yellow.

Because it is now considered one of the major stones for the third eye area, Iolite is said to be helpful to stimulate visions, guided meditation and is even used for and/or during astral travel.

Also called "water sapphire", iolite is reputed to impart a gentle wisdom, but lacks the legendary history of its name sake, Sapphire. Considered more of a newer gemstone, it is however becoming more apparent in use for jewelry, too.


lapis gemstones 
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Lapis lazuli is the full name of this opaque gemstone. It is a gorgeous shade of ultramarine blue with veins or flecks of Pyrite running through the gem and if it doesn't have pyrite...it probably isn't lapis (pyrite is included on the Solar plexus page). Sometimes Sodalite is mistaken for lapis, as it can look similar and does have similar aspects, but usually contains no pyrite. However, and this can be confusing... some smaller pieces of real Lapis can contain little or any Pyrite, too.

The finest quality of Lapis lazuli is said to come from Afghanistan and is not that easy to procure and therefore quite expensive. Some of the Lapis found on the market is color enhanced or dyed Chilean Lapis, which usually is a much lighter blue and/or has a lot of white in the stone & practically non-existant Pyrite, however, metaphysically it is still Lapis, just try not to pay Afghani prices for it   : )

Lapis was a gemstone venerated in ancient times and was usually reserved as a gem that was only worn by kings and queens. Good thing that those days are gone because wearing Lapis is said to sooth mental, physical and emotional conditions...it is also reputed that Lapis can heighten psychic awareness. Lapis can be used at this chakra & the throat and is another gem that is said to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest.


fluorite gemstones 
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Fluorite, also known as Fluor Spar, is a translucent gemstone that seems to me to be almost greasy to the touch and that I also find to have an ethereal or glowing quality ... it is another of my favorites. Think my rendition of this Fluorite came quite close to one type of this gem, however, some combined hue types have a more distinct separation of colors. It is found in several colors: colorless, yellow, green, blue, purple, magenta, pink, red, black and in combinations of these colors. The combination of green, blue, purple is called Rainbow fluorite. The purple or lavendar hued gemstones are part of this chakra group and are also classified with the Crown Chakra by some.

Fluorite crystalizes in several types of formations. My favorite crystalization of fluorite is very unusual and is called an Octohedron [ that looks like an un-even cube having four points or endings or like two pyramids glued together at the bases ] and is even called a double pyramid by some.

Fluorite is a mineral of the New Age and lacks the legend and lore of many of the other minerals listed as "healing stones"...some now working with gemstones use it to strengthen other minerals, but it does have it own aspects. Among which is the ability to increase mental concentration. Each color has it own use...the lavendar or purple hue of the this group is considered a third eye stone bringing rational as-well-as intuitive quality.


indicolite gemstones 
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Indicolite is dark blue Tourmaline, some specimens that are not clear and even less than translucent are so dark that they appear black, however there is a black Tourmaline also called Schorl. The Tourmaline "family" pretty much covers a full spectrum of colors, besides the blue Indicolite and black Schorl, it is found in colorless or Achroite; yellow or Tsilasite; brown or Dravide; light pink or Elbaite; dark pink/red violet or Rubellite; green or Verdelite; and a combination stone of pink and green know as Watermellon Tourmaline. Of course each color has its own attributes and chakra group membership.

Tourmaline is another mineral or gemstone that lacks a long history of usage and is only known from the eighteenth century on. It is found in several states of the United States, but more so in the New England area. It is also found in other parts of the world ... the Aboriginal and African, as-well-as Native American tribal shamen have all found a use for this mineral that sometimes forms in small needle-like and/or larger striated crystals.

In general, Tourmaline is said to be used to promote inspiration and encourage self-confidence. The blue Tourmaline or Indicolite is repudiately used to enhance psychic awareness...to stimulate visions and contact higher ideals.


The SIXTH CHAKRA , Brow or Third eye (Ajna) is attributed with the following qualities: clairvoyance, concentration, imagination, insight, peace of mind, perception and soul realization. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
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This chakra is linked with...
the Element of Thought...
and the traditional symbol is a six-sided star.


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