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"Chakra"   [ pronounced shock-ra... is a Sanskrit word meaning wheels. Chakras are said to be spinning vortex energy centers that are located throughout the body.  I have used the seven major locations, which have a color assigned to them, to put my cabochons (cabs) into groups ]
The Crown Chakra, number seven, is located at the top of the head, and considered to be the venue to unifying the human personality with that of the higher self. The color assigned to this chakra is violet, designating enlightment to the true meaning of life. White is also added to this chakra by some, designating perfection in body, mind and spirit. While white is the absence of color in pigment ... in a light wave, white is the combination of all the colors of the spectrum.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

Read more about  the SEVENTH CHAKRA  at the bottom of the page.


amethyst gemstones 
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Ah Amethyst... one of my favorites in any form and my personal pick for a crown chakra gemstone, although I use a natural amethyst crystal, called a point. Amethyst is a translucent to clear gem of the quartz family, whose color is produced by manganese in clear quartz, with varying degrees of iron controlling the depth or darkness of its regal purple hue.

Amethyst is found all over the world, including some states in the USA. When selling gemstones, had some lovely amethyst crystal clusters from Arkansas and beautiful ones from Brazil, but the darkest I had came from Uruquay. Although deep hue is placed at a premium, in my humble opinion (IMHO), some of the lighter amethyst crystals are equally as beautiful.

Also had tumble polished gemstones of Banded Amethyst from Africa that are translucent with banding of translucent to solid white that produced some spectacular & said to be protective
"eye stones" . [Stones like this with bands sometimes resemble a human or animal eye and according to lore... these strange configurations were considered a powerful talisman... possessing one would enable a person to see everything. In the Mediterranean countries, even in modern times, they are used to ward off "the evil eye". In ancient Egypt they were carved into figures of deities, representing divine vision. ]

In addition to the regular or more commonly available type of Amethyst, in its crystalized form, there are some very unsual varieties: amethyst elestials, amethyst flowers, amethyst herkimers, amethyst scepters, Pink Snowball Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst and Rutilated Amethyst. Am thrilled to own a Chevron Amethyst, herkimer and scepter, but very disappointed to have never even seen a Rutilated Amethyst, which is a rare form of amethyst containing goethite. There probably are more special crystal configurations of amethyst, that I have not seen or even heard of and the pursuit of finding all types of amethyst could be quite a journey and joyous one for someone, who is attracted or attuned to this serene gemstone.

Amethyst is said to produce calmness or a feeling of peace. When exasperated, I turn the light on in the case that I filled with spheres, pryamids and various natural forms of amethyst and just breath in the tranquility. The general consensis is, that amethyst makes an excellent choice of gemstone for use while meditating and in fact is called a "stone of meditation". It is, also, said to balance the physical bodily energies, as well as, those of intellect and emotion. Amethyst is also called "a stone of spirituality" and is attributed with the ability to help produce a joining or connect to a spiritual level.

Royal amethyst is not only limited to the pursuit of higher human ideals, but with a somewhat less lofty intent can also be considered a protective gemstone. Besides the banded eye amethyst, regular gems are reputed to be protective against psychic attacks, real or imagined. Legend has it, that amethyst even protected the bearer of this gemstone from becoming inebriated, even when over indulging, and amethyst is still considered a gem to be helpful to those with a tendency to become addictive. It is also legend that amethyst was one of the gemstones used in the Breastplate of the High Priest of biblical times.

Amethyst is such a major and popular gem, of which so much might be said, that the page could keep scrolling.


charoite gemstones 
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Charoite is a more recent find and older metaphysical gemstone references may not cover it. Catagorized on some newer charts, as more advanced type of "healing stone", it is not too readily available and is a little more pricey to obtain. The main supplier for it is Russia and some very beautiful, unusual and rare gems come from this source, i.e. Alexandrite, another favorite, that unfortunately I can not afford    : (

Charoite is however, worth looking into, as it is a wonderful opaque gemstone that is usually found with a marbling of either purple or purple and pink with inclusions of quartz or patches of grey to black that are manganese. My "real life" cab has black inclusions and looks pretty much like these images and yes, it is not cabs... even though it's rather large and very pretty, I only have one. The purple is so naturally intense, that some shy away from this stone believing that is too beautiful to be real. Although, my real gem hasn't done more that reside in my collection... I feel that if it were used for chakra work, it would tend to blend the crown energy thru the chakras, because the black inclusions, on this stone, would lend a grounding influence.

[ When I started to do these pages, had already created gemstones that had appealed to me, then I worked on the explanatory aspects. Was surprised that I had chosen three gemstones that were classified as "more important healing stones" in one of the books in my reference list. And two of them are on this page ... Charoite and the special combination gemstone that comes next. ]


lepidolite w/tourmaline gemstones 
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Here's a cab that would probably only happen in cyber space jewelry, but does exist as a gemstone, only had tumble polished gemstones or mineral specimen of it, though. Do use a tumble polished gem, in which the Rubellite crystals form a "w" and if you flip it around they make an "m" and consider myself fortunate to have this very unusual gem, which by its nature, indicates to me, it can work for (w)omen as well as (m)en.

This natural formation really is two gems in one, the Lepidolite is the matrix or base stone and is encrusted with crystals of Rubellite or dark pink Tourmaline. This is a beautiful "mineral marriage" of two gems that I find can produce a very calming effect and just had to make cabs of this gemstone.


rose quartz gemstones 
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Those already familiar with gemstone placement will say, she has it wrong, Rose quartz does not belong in this group. And they are right, metaphysically... although this gem does "work with" the crown chakra, it is a member of the Heart Chakra group, whose secondary color pink is said to represent the spiritual heart center. It's only included here as a practical design solution...so each group will have even amounts of gemstones.

Rose quartz, true to its name, is a member of the quartz family. A translucent gem that is rarely found completely clear, in larger cabs, spheres, etc, and more likely to have inclusions or "cracks" inside the stone. It can also be found with asterations or star like reflections eminating from within the gem. Mined throughout the world, it usually is lightly colored, darker cabs and/or gem beads found commercially mass-produced, are probably color enhanced - ergo dyed.

A mineral that, IMHO, produces a warm and fuzzy feeling, Rose quartz is called the "love stone". Although it is not the only gemstone with this title, it probably is the most readily available and widely used as a talismen or charm for this intent. Contrary to my opinion about its "energy feeling", the consensis is that Rose quartz exerts a cooling and calming engery that works with all the chakras. It is said to remove negativity and a gemstone  that achieves spiritual attunement to the energy of love. [
 "Universal love engergy" encompasses all love, not only romantic love, but devine or spiritual, motherly, brotherly and is even considered by some to be the main driving force of life itself. ]


The SEVENTH CHAKRA , Crown (Sahasrara) is attributed with the following qualities:   devine wisdom and understanding, idealism, inspiration, service, spiritual will, unity and "oneness" with the universe. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
lotus image
This chakra is linked with ...
the Element of Light...
and the traditional symbol is a lotus flower.


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