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This is also a continuation of the first page as-well-as the conclusion to these gemstone pages. I thought it was important to mention some examples that might be helpful to those who are just getting interested in or might of never even heard of the the use of gemstones. To those already deeply involved in this subject, this might be "old news".    : )

Colored gemstones, which were shown on these pages, are sometimes refered to as Crystals, although the term crystal is generally applied to a mineral in its natural crystalline formation. Specialization of this term is usually reserved for a very major mineral or gem that was not covered here at all...
Rock Crystal Quartz , or clear quartz, which has been called the gem of the New Age. Clear quartz can also be found for use in many cut, polished and fabricated forms i.e. pyramids, oblisks, bowls and spheres, often called "crystal" balls.

There are also some very unusual forms of clear quartz, that are natural crystals, which some refer to as
"Master Crystals". [ This is an enthralling subject that deserves its own section and have been planning such a project to display those crystals that I have already collected, but need to have a better digital camera first. Have tried to produce graphic images, but not with much success. The only image of clear quartz that I created and was worth displaying is the sphere in the title graphic on this page. However, it is not a master crystal and is a combination of clear quartz with rutile or sagenite, known as Rutilated quartz, in a man-made shape. ]

Some antique or contemporary faceted beads and prism drops are also named crystals or Austrian crystals, but these usually are made of special glass [ lead crystal ]. Crystal balls, mentioned above, can also be made of glass, these are completely free of inclusions, but if you look very closely sometimes have very tiny bubbles. Crystal balls construct of natural quartz contain no bubbles, most larger in size than a U.S. quarter are "included" [ clouds, fissures, etc. ] and examples with less of this occurance are priced upwards according to clearity. Unless quartz or any gemstone is displayed under a hot light or in the sun, it will be coldered to the touch than glass, but this sensitivity takes a little getting used to, by comparing examples of each.

It may also take time developing a sensitivity to the "energy" within or eminating from minerals and/or gemstones. Every living thing has energy and the mineral kingdom is not exempt from having this attribute, too. While some people have to work at it, others have an inate ability to detect this energy from minerals. [ i.e. had a customer, who knew nothing about gemstones or their metaphysical aspects/energy and was just attracted to a particular tumbled gem in a basket on display. While holding it to exam it, became curious and even distrubed that she felt a tingling in the hand with the stone. Had to put her mind at ease by explaining, should also add that she bought the gem   : ) ]

Even among those used to working with crystals or gemstones, there can be difference of opinion over what the same mineral produces. Quite a while ago, was participating at a metaphysical convention, at the beginning of the event a man and woman approached my booth, and the woman spotted an unusual clear quartz that I had for sale. [ Don't know if this is a good example of what I am trying to point out, because the quartz mentioned is not a totally natural product, but is called "cultured quartz" and is a large man-grown single crystal configuration, that is called a wand here . It did involved several different opinions and just stuck in my mind. ]

While picking the crystal up, the woman said to her companion "I heard about these". She did the things that those who use or like gems usually do, like holding it in each hand for awhile and putting her hand at each end in front of the point. Since these were new material for me, was anxious to hear, from what I assumed from her approach would be, an experience opinion. After saying "these just feels like glass", she flung the crystal back on the table and left. Disappointed not only in the her rude treatment of my wares, was very sorry to hear her reaction, because, while I was attracted to the appearance of these crystals, although they did not "feel" like glass, they didn't "do" much for me.   : (

As the day wore on others handled them, too and gratefully in a more gentle manner, but no sales. Just when I was thinking that these will be making the trip back with me, the woman in the next booth, a pyschic, came over to look at my merchandise. She picked up one these crystals and was almost estatic in her reaction and bought it. Later a friend joined this woman and after "using" her crystal, also purchased one. Although I did not sell them all, did have a former customer buy two and call up for more, but he wanted a certain point configuration that those I did not have at the show, also lacked.

Guess I am trying to illustrate in what turned out to be a rather lenghty example, to those who are just starting to work with minerals or gemstones, not to be disappointed if you do not "feel" what another may be experiencing or is what is "supposed to be" experienced. Just enjoy gemstones for the wonderful products of the mineral kingdom, that they are... if this ability in not already there, it will come. Besides there is a whole group of people who collect gems and minerals, some of which probably could care less if they ever feel any tingling other than the joy of just finding and owning something so beautifully created by Mother Nature.

This was how I started on my journey into minerals and gemstones, as a "rock hound" and as a child collected beach pebbles and even driveway stones. My fascination, like my collection, just kept growing and expanding to all aspects involving gemstones and minerals, including making gem jewelry and eventually culminating with selling gems. Even though have been doing this for over twenty years, I do not know all there is to know about this subject and therefore used comparison opinions to complete these pages. Had intended to put my recommendations for reference material on this page. Because I was so long-winded on this page : )... it would of become too long, so please use the right button to access this information on the next page.

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