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[ If you have been going in order of the pages here, the last three chakras are attributed with the cool colors of the spectrum and are concerned with higher planes of conscienceness. This chakra is the start of the warm colors of the spectrum and the next four chakras are concerned with the mental, emotional and physical bodily forces on this plane of existance. ]
the Heart Chakra, number four, is located in the center of the chest and is the center of love and compassion, it energizes the blood and body with the life force or Qi(Chi). The color assigned to this chakra is green, designating healing force. Pink is classified as the secondary color, designating loving force.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

Read more about  the FOURTH CHAKRA  at the bottom of the page.


aventurine gemstones
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Came pretty close to the real thing with my rendition of Aventurine, at least one that is translucent and a lighter shade of green, but just couldn't quite depict the twinkling gems that I am so fond of.

This gemstone can be found translucent to appearing almost opaque and from very light green to very dark. Consisting of a mineral combination including quartz and/or feldspar, Aventurine also exhibits flecks of Mica and/or Hematite within the stone, which sometimes lends a sparkly appearance to these gems. All shades of green are natural to Aventurine, however, Peach, Blue Aventurine gems do exist, but am not sure how "naturally"

Since Aventurine is comprised of several minerals, its use can be varied, but its natural color indicates that a most important use would be as a "healing stone" and it is a favorite choice at modern Medicine Wheel ceremonies, where it is placed over the heart center. It is also said to be stone of good luck.


malachite gemstones
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These Malachite cabs would feel right at home in a setting made of copper, because this mineral, like turquois is often found near copper deposits. An opague gemstone that is light to dark green, usually mixed with white or a lighter green and black, that form striations and/or patterns within the stone. Sometimes gemstones fashioned from malachite, are cut so that these patterns produce a bullseye configuration. These cabs, favored by collectors of this gemstone, usually are priced above the norm and could be consider protective eye stones.

This gemstone, even when tumble polished, can also produce naturally formed "pictures" within its patterns i.e. have one with a formation that looks like a finger complete with fingernail, also have several figurative cabs, one of which, with a rabbit. Thus malachite could be a gemstone that would appeal to those interested in Shamanism .

Malachite also forms in botryoidal shape that looks like bubbles or clusters of grapes, natural and polished examples of this formation are very attractive. In its natual or unpolished form malachite can be also found with druses [ patches of numerous very tiny sparkling malachite crystals, on the specimen ]... this formation is said to be useful in psychic development.

Malachite also crystalizes in many other forms ... possibly due to this proclivity, it is called a "stone of transformation" and can be used in any situation that calls for personal evolution, including attainment of spirituality.

[ Some lists, charts and books on the New Age utilization of gemstones suggest them for
"elixirs", made by soaking minerals or gemstones in purified water. I do not follow nor recommend this practice as Malachite and fellow copper-infused Turquois are just two of many minerals & gemstones that can be toxic to ingest. ]

jade gemstones 
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The term Jade applies to more than one gemstone, and encompasses these types: Jadeite, Nephrite and Transvaal jade. Am not familar with the last type, but Jadeite, most often seen as a semi-opaque pastel green, can even be found in shades of lavender. This is the "oriental jade" that includes the beautiful and costly Imperial jade, a gemstone of translucent apple to emerald green color.

The cabs shown above are my representation of Nephrite jade, an opaque gem, which is a form of the mineral Actinolite. Found in several shades of green from dark olive to light green, it can also be cream to tan, pink to black and a solid single color or speckled.

Found all over the world, Nephrite is the type of Jade that the Moari natives of New Zealand used to fashion symbolic figures. To the Mayans of Central America, it was thought to not only bring peace, but resourcefulness.

Other native tribes, even some contempory groups, have also considered Jade a prized and sometimes even sacred possession. In general, legendary Jade has been considered a stone of "health, wealth and longevity" and to this day can be found carved into amulets that signify this intent. Jade is another gem that is said to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest.


peridot gemstones 
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the most sought after shade of Peridot is such a bright, sunny shade of green that I feel it should really be placed between this chakra and the next. The cabs, above, are my version of this translucent to clear gem in the color that is called precious Peridot.

This gemstone is also found in shades of darker yellow-green and/or olive, which is called Olivine, though there is some dispute that Olivine may be a different mineral. It is even said that Olivine may not be an official mineral, but that it is a combination of two minerals Fayalite and Forsterite...and Peridot is the precious form of of this combination. And to add a little more chaos, there are also varing shades of yellow, but the gem called Peridot of Ceylon is really yellow Tourmaline. Although I have never seen an example, peridot is said to be, also found in red::::whew::::

Anyhow, Peridot is another gemstone that was repudiately used in the breastplate of the high priest and now-a-days is said to be used to cleanse this and the Solar plexus chakra, providing intellectual stimulation in regards to relationships. Rings made with Peridot were worn during the Roman empire to dispel depression and that may be why it is still considered a gem that can be used as a calming agent...even to induce sleep.


The FOURTH CHAKRA , Heart (Anahata) is attributed with the following qualities:  unconditional and divine love; acceptance, compassion, contentment, forgiveness, harmony and understanding. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
cross imageThis chakra is linked with...the Element of Air.
The elemental air signs of the Zodiac: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are grouped with this chakra. The traditional symbol is a cross.


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