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The Navel or Sacral plexus Chakra, number two, located at the lower abdomen to the navel, is the seat of procreation, sexuality, food assimilation and physical force/vitality. The color assigned to this chakra is orange, designating creative force.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

Read more about  the SECOND CHAKRA  at the bottom of the page.


carnelian gemstones 
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Carnelian Agate, this gemstone's full name, is also known as Sard from ancient times. Carnelian is found in transluscent to almost opaque colors of yellow-orange, orange, red and brown-red. Though usually a solid or semi-solid color of the individual hues mentioned, it can also be found with clouds or veils and even small patches of white. When the white becomes full opaque or solid white bands all the way through the stone, it has tranformed into a different gem known as Sardoynx, which is a mineral mix of Onyx with Carnelian.

Although translucent and one-toned Carnelian gems are favored by artisans for use in jewelry, the cabs above, are my attempt to depict Carnelian with a veil. This is the type of Carnelian that I like to use for this chakra of your inner most feelings, the veil reinforces the aspect of protection in gemstones that have this configuration.

Not only is Carnelian considered a protective mineral, but it also attributed with ability to promote courage, elequence & sexual energy and it is reputed to be used to help banish apathy and laziness.

Both Carnelian and Sardoynx are gems that are said to have been used in the breastplate of the high priest. Carnelian is believed to be identified with the first stone and lore declares that the Childred of Israel carried Carnelian figures, when wandering in the desert.


moonstone gemstones 
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Moonstone is another of my all time favorites, in fact I love the look of this gemstone so much that I even collect the plastic version in antique jewelry beads, just had to make cabs of it. Even so could not put this as the lead gemstone of Sacral Plexus Chakra group, although some attribute moonstone with this chakra.

India is a big supplier, for this gemstone that is found in many colors besides the pink, shown... in white, grey, beige, combination peach/green, luminous green (rare Parrot moonstone), and the most glorius, IMHO, is the Iris or Rainbow Moonstone. This variety can be more transluscent, even clear and exhibits blueish to full rainbow flash or chatoyancy.

Moonstone belongs to the Albite and Orthoclase mineral families, both of which are grouped as Feldspars and most Feldspars exhibit some form of chatoyancy. Have mentioned chatoyancy throughout these pages because I am very attracted to any gemstone that exhibits this phenomenon, which is said to bring flashes of insight and deflect negativity from a gem that posesses it.

Since most people have probably seen the white Moonstone, which is used a lot in jewelry, this gem is a good example of what chatoyancy is... a flash or radiance that eminates from within a gemstone and travels across the gem as it is turned back and forth. This could possibly explain why Moonstone was called the "traveler's stone" and still considered protection for those on excursions away from home and especially so for travel over water.

Moonstone is said to be favored by those doing "Divination". Psychics and others who use Tarot cards , Runes and other tools for this purpose, sometimes keep these items, wrapped in silk and/or accompanied by Moonstone. Maybe because I am influence by the its reputation of being associated with the moon, I feel that Moonstone is more of a woman's gemstone, but this does not mean that it can not be or isn't used by men.


dinosaur bone gemstones
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Yes, they do make gemstone cabs from ole T. Rex and his relatives. Not one of the most gorgeous of gems, it makes up in interest for what it may lack in beauty, besides... "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"  : ) Most cabs made from this material are rather lackluster, due to the fact they are not glass-like smooth, but have tiny cracks or fissures even on the surface of the stone, as this after all, was a calcareous composition... bone, which has now turned to stone.

Most of the cabs, I have seen have been medium to dark and comprised of black, brown and shades of orange, red and dark red. Dinosaur bone, for obvious reasons, in considered a fossil gemstone and as such is said to be attuned or linked to the past.

Fossils in general are said to be used in rituals, for protective purposes and used by Shamans as tools in a way to increase energy. Utilization of fossils dates back to prehistoric time, as they have been found buried with the occupants of ancient tombs in Europe.

Because Dinosaur bone is the remant of this once mighty & powerful living creature, I feel it could be beneficial to someone with a timid nature to wear a amulet or even just keep a gemstone in their home or office. If nothing else... it would make a great conversation piece... there we go, you are already less reticent : )


fire opal gemstones 
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You might be thinking if this is Fire Opal...where's the fire. Well, the "fire" is all the colors that flash when you look into an opal, although there are some opals, i.e. Pink Opal, that have only one color and Potch or common opal is found in several colors but contains no fire. In yet another confusing name contradition the gem called White Opal can display a full rainbow flash of colors or fire.

Fire opal is generally considered to be more of an orange color and does have a full spectrum of fire. Even though I based my gems on a real example, these cabs above seem more pink. Although fire opal has been attributed to this chakra, most multicolored gems usually can be used for any and sometimes all chakras and not contained to just one.

There is [
a legend about opals ...that still circulates to this day, that opals are "un-lucky" to anyone but those born in October. This legend could probably be traced to jewelers of ancient times, who would have not only lost a wealthy or royal patron, if they broke a costly, rare opal ... they might of even lost their head. ] Some opals are notoriously fragile and are even sometimes adhered to another gem usually black onyx. A cabochon made this way is refered to as a doublet.

Mined all over the world, the finest quality of opal is said to be from Australia. There are many forms of opal besides one gemstone consisting of all fire, Boulder opal and some Mexican opal gemstones also contain matrix material and there is even opalized nature, some of which is know as Limb Cast. Opals in general are considered to empower Astral projection, beauty and Psychism and Fire opal is said to be used as a magnetic force with the intent to draw money.


The SECOND CHAKRA , Navel/Sacral plexus (Svadhisthana) is attributed with the following qualities:   change, desire, emotions, giving and receiving, health, pleasure and tolerance. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
triangle imageThis chakra is linked with ... the Element of Water
The elemental water signs of the Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are grouped with this chakra. The traditional symbol is a triangle or pyramid.


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