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The Base or Root Chakra, number one, is located at the base of the spine and is the root of instinct, self-preservation or life-force survival and body vitalization. The color assigned to this chakra is red, designating the essential force or passion of life. Black is classified as the secondary color, designating the physically stabilizing or the grounding force.
he tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

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garnet gemstones 
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Garnet is a stone that was never attracted to until I started to work with gemstones and now could not do without. There are several varieties or types of this translucent gemstone: Almandine, Andradite, Grossular, Pyrope, Rhodolite, Spessartine and Uvarovite. Most people think that Garnets are only red, but they can range in color from colorless, brownish red or purplish red to clear dark red, pink, orange and even red's complimentary color, the opposite color on a color wheel...green.

Regardless of the other colors it may form as, in my mind, the red Garnet, that I am most fond of is the embodiment of the color, known as alizarin crimson in pigments and IMHO, all other shades of red pale in comparison. This strong color has the necessary vitality associated for use with this chakra. And garnet can deliver, in fact, is called a "stone of health", reputed to help the movement of energy through all the chakras.

Regarded as sacred to many different native tribes, garnet was also considered protection against demons in the middle ages. Garnet can also be found asterated and I have a large very dark red tumbled gem, that would not win any beauty prizes, but it has this star-like configuration and am so happy it came into my life, gems possessing this emination are reputed to be linked to the stars.

Garnet is another gem that is said to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest.


turritella agate gemstones 
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Turritella agate is a fossil gemstone, that I find fascinating...although, am more fond of tumble polished gems, where some of the tiny shells and marine flora can be found raised above the surface of the composition of minerals that has cemented them into eternity.

Here is another agate family member. The classification of Agate encompasses so many types or varieties, like the Jasper family, a member of which follows below, that it is often hard to tell which group agate or jasper, an undentified cab or tumble polished gem may belong to.

[ This might be
something helpful , if you find a gem that you are attracted to, that hasn't been given a name. Have found that agates tend to have more transluscent and even clear areas, i.e. Moss agate, while jaspers are usually opaque or colors that you can not see through. This is based on personal observation, not scientific evidence and am sure there are plenty of exceptions, but it is a pretty good "rule of thumb". ]

Agates in general are said to stimulate analytical ability & awaken inherent talents. Turritella agate is said to enhance the survival instinct. I feel that, because it contains fossils of sea creatures, Turritella agate represents the eternal sea from which life sprang forth and thus could be useful during past life regression.


red jasper gemstones
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My rendition of Red jasper, an opaque gemstone, is more "design-y" than authentic, although it can be found with dark veins and brecciated [ basically means combined with other minerals ]. Generally the most accepted form of Red jasper is seen without inclusions and is a somewhat lusterless solid orange-red color. Contrary to most of the gems I have made, plain Red jasper is not one of my favorites. Have heard it refered to as a powerful healing stone and it is prefered by many as "the gemstone" for this chakra.

Red jasper is a member of another large and diverse family group...Jasper. Family members of this group, like the Agates, are also classified as a form of Chalcedony and most, but not all, Jasper relatives are patterned, in fact, some like Picture jasper are named for their design producing nature.

To provide protection during rites, Jasper was worn by shamen...it was also worn by kings and is another gem that is said to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest. Jasper in general can be used to sustain one's energy level, balance the yin yang energy and during dowsing . Red jasper, in particular, is also connected with the element of fire and the planet Mars and enhances the protective aspect of the Jasper family.


jet or onyx gems 
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Although I am not very fond of plain black gemstones, either, they are very popular for use in jewelry. Combined these two gems because the images could be used to represent any solid or opaque black gemstone as a graphic. However, they are two entirely different minerals, with their own individual aspects. The image above really looks more like Jet, as Onyx is much more shiny or glassy looking and is a stone.

Jet isn't a stone, but black fossilized wood and, though much harder than, is a relative of coal. It is fairly light in weight and feels (weight-wise) and seems (appearance-wise), like dull plastic. Those heavy, shiny, faceted beads that you might see being called "antique jet" are really black glass.

Regardless of appearance, there is nothing dull about Jet, it can even become electrically charged when rubbed, which is also true of Amber. Like Amber, Jet is also steeped in legend as being a "stone of magic" and to this day is used in rituals with this purpose in mind. Jet is reputed to stimulate and bring about movement of the Kundalini , but conversely is attributed with calming aspects and is noted as protecting against negativity.

Jet was a favored gem around the turn of the last century, when it was worn extensively as mourning jewelry. Queen Victoria is credited with enducing this popularity, when she became Prince Albert's widow.

Whether the Victorians knew it or not, most black stones are considered grounding, and as such could be used to "bring you down" from a highly emotional state, like sorrow. In fact, Onyx is attributed with the ability to help banish grief. But all Onyx, a form of Chalcedony, is not black and can be found in shades of brown, black or red combined with white, solid white or the solid black, however, most of the commercial or mass-produced plain Black Onyx is not naturally black, but a semi-translucent grey color that has been dyed.

Onyx is another gemstone said to have been used in the breastplate of the high priest.


The FIRST CHAKRA , Base/Root (Muladhara) is attributed with the following qualities: courage, grounding, individuality, patience, stability, success and the material world. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
square imageThis chakra is linked with ... the Element of Earth
The elemental earth signs of the Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are grouped with this chakra. The tradition symbol is a square or cube.


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