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Although I usually offer my original art tubes as freeware, this gemstone project involved a great deal of work. These setting were made into PSPv6 tubes to be used with my gemstone cabochons tubes, which can be downloaded from my gemstone pages .

The graphic header example above "Neptune's Trident" shows my gemstone Turritella Agate with a Gunmetal setting in the actual size of the tubes. The examples of the tubes below are shown 75% and 50% of actual size, there is no drop shadow on the tube. Each tube has one each of a round, oval and square shape in the design shown. They are basicially frames and can be used for other projects, too.

These "gemstone settings" were created by me & I retain the copyright, however, put the tubes here to share with you for your personal not-for-profit web site. They can be used, intact, however you choose, but not put in any other collection or claimed as your own design. If you want to use Neptune's Trident as linkware please email me first, for the image without this bg.

Using these graphics means that you agree to my Terms of Use you might as well read them before borrowing these graphics. All tubes are linkware only, which means you must provide a link back to my site, my url is listed below. Right click & save graphics on your computer... do not direct link to these images, that is illegal Bandwidth theft.

Settings at 75%(image)
Settings at 50% (image)
settings at 50% (image)

Download zip of  Gold Antique Bead  tube of 3
Download zip of  Silver Antique Bead  tube of 3
Download zip of  Platnium  tube of 3
Download zip of  18kt  tube of 3
Download zip of  Sterling  tube of 3
Download zip of  Bronze  tube of 3
Download zip of  Copper  tube of 3
Download zip of  Gunmetal  tube of 3
Download zip of  Flat Gold  tube of 3
Download zip of  Bevel Silver  tube of 3
Download zip of  Ribbed Silver  tube of 3
Download zip of  Rimmed Gold  tube of 3
Download zip of  Gold Nugget  tube of 3
Download zip of  Gold Weave  tube of 3
Download zip of  Gold Sphere  tube of 3
Download zip of  Gold Prong  tube of 3
Download zip of  Thin Gold  tube of 3
Download zip of  Thin Silver  tube of 3


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