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FOR VIEWING ONLY| the copyright, watermarked original art images & webgraphics used to enhance all of my websites are for use on these websites only & are not part of the following...

LINKWARE| my original art you may use, as offered, providing you supply a link back to my site. Would prefer that you also use my small button, but a text link is O.K. if you have no room in your design for it. Personally cannot see why some linkware is offered with a logo that would take up a good portion of your page & then required to be placed on every page of your site that it is used on. You only need to put my link on one of the pages that you use my graphics on. If however, you use them in a webset design available for others to use and not purchase ... the link should be on the set page. Use this url for my address to link back to:



Apply to the offered graphics, which may be used on not-for-profit pages only, unless other arrangements are made, in advance, with me. Please NO porn, hate, violence or warez site.
Under no circumstances do I release any of my web page design, images, animations or page content to be taken and claimed as your own work, or included in any collection for sale or download elsewhere.
Save the offered graphics to your computer ... it is prohibited to direct link to these images, that is know as bandwidth theft, which is not only reprehensible ... it is illegal.

Now that is over please enjoy viewing and/or using my shared graphics...

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linkback 2 88x31  use either button for a graphic link

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