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[ In case you haven't noticed, all of the cabs that appear first in each catagory are my personal choices for "the" gemstone of that chakra, this doesn't mean that it is the perfect gemstone to use, just that it is my preference, in fact some of my choices, though the "right" color are not what is generally considered the appropriate stone. But there isn't a wrong gemstone and gemstone placement really is a personal feeling of what is right. ]
The Throat Chakra, number five, as the name implies, is located at the throat or center of the neck and is the communication and speech center. The color assigned to this chakra is light blue, designating devine guidence.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

Read more about  the FIFTH CHAKRA  at the bottom of the page.


amazonite gemstones 
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Ah Amazonite, yes another of my favorites. This was probably one of the first gemstones cabs that I collected and haven't stopped yet. Worked hard to portray this gemstone as it is, because I like it so, but am afraid just didn't quite capture its real beauty with a flash eminating from within the gem.

Amazonite belongs to the Feldspar group of minerals and as such is often found with chatoyance. It is an opaque gem having a turquois or sky-blue color, with lighter striations of white that can be noticed or are hardly decernable. These markings or breaks in color are much more apparent in material that comes from siberian Russia. The cream white inclusion mineral is probably Perthite and the over-all appearance of these gemstones is more of a teal color. I prefer the lighter stones, but "have to have" all forms of this gemstone and they have to be chatoyant. Amazonite is also said to be found in Maine and Pennsylvania in the U.S.

Amazonite is another gem that is reputed to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest and is also said to have been used extensively by the ancient Egyptians. This gentle, blue stone is attributed with the ability to sooth all the chakras and retain universal love energy and when used as a stone of intent is said to be helpful in games of chance, even being called the "gambler's stone".


blue lace agate gemstones
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Blue lace is part of a very large family of minerals or gemstones...the Agate group, which is a class of Chalcedony [ pronounced cal-sidney ], which in turn is a form of Quartz. Members of the agate group vary widely, but most have one thing in common, the fact that they display designs or patterns within their stone. However, and this again can add some confusion, not all chalcedony is patterned and there are some gemstones classified as agates that are without design configurations, too.

Blue lace, an opaque gemstone, is almost always found with a pattern of white intermixed with clear on a dresden blue background. It does resemble lace or heavenly blue clouds, in fact, I used a cloud texture to construct these images.

Possibly due to its appearance Blue lace is said to contain qualities of air and flight and to help attain high spiritual space. It is classified as a "more important healing stone", in one of my reference books and the gentlest gemstone to facilitate opening the throat charka to express the feelings of both the heart and mind. Blue lace agate gems make absolutely heavenly jewelry, too.

Agate in general is said to stabilize the Aura and is another gemstone noted as used in the breastplate of the high priest.


aquamarine gemstones tube download
Aquamarine is a relative of Emerald, the gorgeous green gem, which is classified as precious gemstone. Besides Aquamarine and Emerald the other most notable member of the Beryl group is the lovely pink Morganite. Aquamarine is the beautiful clear water-blue member of the Beryl family and like its relatives, is generally produced in its final finished form as a faceted gemstone, which really enhances its beauty, qualities and of course, its price   : ) Tumble polished gemstones are available for metaphysical use, at a minimal cost, but these usually only have a minimal resemblance to the gemstones shown above.

In ancient lore, Aquamarine was associated with sea goddesses ... its name literally means "sea water", which can account for it being associated with the element of water, too. Even though this gemstone almost seems too gentle and delicate, it is reputed to be a "stone of courage" and was/is often worn as a charm to transform fear with the strength of courage. Aquamarine also is said to impart the intellectual courage to aquire the ability of knowing oneself.

This beautiful receptive gemstone is attributed with lunar influence and said to be used in rituals to enhance psychic abilities. Aquamarine is also considered a gem that is soothing and can impart a calming influence for an individual who might be experiencing emotional difficulties.


turquois gemstones 
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An opaque gemstone, Turquois is found in several locations around the world. The best quality is supposed to be from Turkey and usually is the most costly. Turkish gemstones, seem to be harder, are devoid of matrix material and are one all-over shade of a wondrous sky blue color. I prefer the material that comes from the United States mines, no slouch in the price department either, due to the extreme demand for this gemstone. U.S. gemstones can also be found without marbling, but IMHO, these brownish inclusions bring a melding of earth and sky into one, within the gemstones that have matrix. The image above is my interpretation of this kind of turquois cab. Chinese Turquois is heavily marbled, almost bubbly, usually is a more green/black color and can be the least expensive of the group.

Turquois, generally, is a soft gemstone and is often "stabilized" with a coating or adhered to another material ... this should not be confused with
"reconstitution"  [ which is taking powdered or broken material and forming into blocks and then cutting slabs or cabs from this construction. The first treatment is sometimes necessary, but this practice is something else. ]  Other less costly minerals can also be found masquerading as the real thing... Howlite, which is a white gemstone with veining, is sometimes dyed turquois blue...   caveat emptor!

Turquois is a gemstone that has been considered sacred to many Native American tribes, but was also held in high esteem in ancient Egypt, Persia and Turkey. And its popularity has not waned even today. Considered an excellent gemstone for use in meditation, it is said to elevate all the chakras, enhance spiritual attunement and even provide a venue between one and the spirit world.


The FIFTH CHAKRA , Throat (Vishuddha) is attributed with the following qualities: creative expression in the arts, speech and writing;  gentleness, honesty, kindness, loyalty, peace and truth. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities.
challice image
This chakra is linked with...
the Element of Akasha or ether
and the traditional symbol is a challice.


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