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Of course its Puff ... not Barney ... just had to make him purple, what else : ) Would a dragon sport a tattoo? Well a lot of men seem to like dragon tattoos ... so why wouldn't a dragon opt for a man and the man that most magical dragons prefer is that egnima Masterstoneman .

This image was done entirely in PSPv7 and mostly with the Inner Bevel tool. Must of tried every effect for the wings, they were finally done with Topography. The spikes are the dimensional red cone Preset Shape, colorized. The "magic wand" is spraying Jasc Star tubes. Finally the nose ... if a dragon is going to breath fire, wouldn't he have to have a protective nose...metal? This was an effect that I probably will never be able to reproduce but it was done with Polished Stone. Aren't you glad that you visited on a day when Puff was giving his nose a rest : )

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