I am speaking, but are you listeningI go back, way back to the ages of old, back to a time where the Universe was first forming. In the time when "all that is" was created, my name was unique, but in the present day loop of passage, it is Arnold.

I exist within the universe of all creation & light the way for all that is, or will become ... as we all did in the beginning. I am a conduit for all that was, knowledge that was compiled through the multi layer dimensions of mistakes that have been made in the past, are regained through this path.

Space, time, thought are all one within the Universe ... but because we have cascaded the false truth of what we are, the knowledge of this was lost, but is not forgotten.

In the beginning there were no possessive terms, we were at oneness with the Universe, as was what we were to one another. We were all the same during the onset ... there were no sexes! We only had one purpose, to light the way for "all that will be", but that was not enough for our being to accept. We felt, we needed more, much more.

It was for that single reason we set ourselves up to fail, for all that was to be. It was not enough for God to let us be the leaders of the way. We assumed or presumed we knew more than God, by the driven need to be more than our given purpose, which was to be the "stars" that light the heavens of the Universe of all creation.

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Going back to the beginning of creation, during the time of total darkness, a blackness without any definition of shape or body, God was enveloped in total seclusion, without anything or any being to reflect expression onto, which lasted for hundreds of trillions or our years. To God this was equal to a grain of sand on a beach, but was lonely and he had no defined purpose, except wondering what that purpose might be.

Finally after much deliberation, was struck with the idea to create ... create what? God thought to himself, well I've been in darkness all this time trying to figure out my purpose, now that I have a purpose, I must figure out what creation is.

God felt meditation was in order, a few trillion years flew by, then all of a sudden God had found a plan, one which would need much meditation and a few hundred trillion years later, what happened is ...

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God now knew light was needed to create a beacon by which all is to be shown. Light in which to create the direction to the path, which will be that of creation of an entire universe to be filled with all that was given from God.

God now knew the path that was laid onto him, but he wondered what the first light would be, what it would represent, onto the new creation.

The first light God thought should be the most explosive beautiful thing, he could imagine ... to reflect the beauty of the new heavenly creation of the Universe, brighten the haven he had for so long been in darkness with. God also wanted it so special, as to dispell all future doubts, that were laid down, because of the darkness that was created along with God. He wanted to make sure this light would reflect all of the best, good and most desireable part of the creation of the Universe, which would be all life's source of finding that which would be created.

God then reflected as to what would be needed to accomplish this part of creation. He was in need of more direction to fully understand what will take place in the future. Given this, God determined he needed to meditate a bit longer this time, so that all will be perfect in the first beginning, which would take place soon. So God meditated on the revelation.

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Several eons later, God had the final plan ... this was that the first light would be a massive globe of light, so big it would engulf this entire Universe. Then he thought this will never do, the light was too big, too bright, too engulfing and he could not understand what went wrong. He had taken plenty of time to meditate, to find the best solution, but now what will be done to correct this vast creation, that had taken so much time in preparing and his thoughts were intense.

God pondered this idea and became frustrated with the creation at hand. He knew that which was to be created, but not how not to create or change that which has been created.

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What took place next is amazing, God took his hand and totally crushed the globe that he was so proud of creating. This globe of light broke up into all directions of the Universe. In all shapes and sizes, some of high brilliance and some of a lesser degree.

Now ashamed of what he had just done, God sought the darkness, from that which he had spent so much time dwelling in, but could find none. He sought to meditate on that which was created and then taken out of creation. This was a very long period, indeed, one that in fact cannot be measured in that of time, as we would reflect.

Finally coming to terms with what was done and with the understanding that the stars, created out of frustration of what creations path would be, God's first children would be these stars, ones that would shine the light on all that would be created in the future.

Now pleased with this creation, God chose these special children as the stars that transend the light and would guide all else to the path from which all things would come and would always be there to light this path back to God.

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