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These digital art graphics (615 x 462 pixels) were created in  Vue d' Esprit4   This original art was created by me & I retain the copyright, however, have put these backgrounds on my pages to share with you for your not-for-profit website.  They can be used any way you choose, but DO NOT put them in any other collection or claim they are your own work.  A link back is not required, but is always appreciated for the work that I have done.  Please stop back will be adding more pages to all categories.  Right click & save these jpg files on your computer ... it is prohibited to direct link to these images...that is bandwidth theft.

Click on image to save the original, use your back browser to return here.

bg1 clouds/skybg2 skybg3 sky/seabg4 sky/seabg5 clouds/sky/sea
bg6 sky/sea/starsbg7 sky/starsbg8 sky/starsbg9 sky/seabg10 sky/sun
bg11 sea/skybg12 sea/sky/sunbg13 constellationsbg14 star/sunbg15 sea/sky/stars
bg16 star/sky/seabg17 sea/skybg18 sky/seabg19 clouds/sky/seabg20 clouds/sky

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