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These original art images were created entirely in Paint Shop Pro . They are shown approximately 50% of actual size, the larger image will show all the detail. To download these graphics click on each image, right click and save the jpg file to your computer (save picture as)... use your back browser button to return to this page. The digital graphics are all my original creations and I retain the copyright, however, have put them here to share with you to use for your not-for-profit website.  DO NOT put them in any other collection for sale or download, nor claim they are your own design.  These graphics are "linkware" only, which means you must provide a link back to my site if want to use them ... DO NOT direct link to these images... that is bandwidth theft.

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mauve melange lavendar skin tarleton twins
volcanic eye love totem tiger's revenge
coined phrase atlantis rising kiss this goodbye

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