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...Masterstoneman 1989

Let us first ask a realistic question of a wondrous, ponderous analogue derived from life's total expression of itself; why are we here and to what definitive purpose shall life interpret the perplexity, while also identifying the complexity of itself.

Most answers are comprised directly from a perceived, perceptive, conceptual alignment of our perspective of what we believe ourselves to be, from that we dedicate all resources available for the sole practical purpose of achieving for ourselves, what we believe ourselves to be, this in itself would dictate the meaning for our purpose in life.

The complex expression within ourselves, initiates an encumbrance, related primarily to a high degree of expectation, drawn, or interpretation set forth from an overwhelming lack of experience of understanding ourselves.

If we were to form a correlation of collective reasoning, to probe into a direct definitive solution, outlining why we necessitate a primary inherent initiative, dictating a fundamental desire or knowledge related to our defined purpose and/or meaning within the capsulated fabric of the cosmos; it would be simply stated as, what direction do we need to apprehend, also to form a rational basis for comprising this action.

The theatrics comprised within the fabric of our souls, initiate a directive of obscurity, faced with an uncompromising compelling force driven only to satisfy reason for reasoning sake.

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We spend the majority of our lives grasping at the things we just want, the things others have, the things that once we have, we find we do not need or even use, this becomes an endless task which has no end in sight, as compelling as it seems to us at the time, it is a task we as people should never persist in. This quest only damages our full potential in life; the people who expand themselves out of need are the ones that succeed.

Most often our wants exceed our needs by ten to one, its like cramming a full plate of food down after you are full and should be done eating, you personally do not need it for your body, but you want it for what ever reason, and in the end you become bloated and sick.

Now lets take another example to more clearly prove this to you, your next door neighbor buys a new car, one you've seen and thought about buying, but each and every time you thought about it you realized the reliable five year old car you own, which is fully paid, suits your needs just fine, not to mention you are relaxed from not having to meet high monthly payments. But now that your neighbor has one, you are now willing to burden yourself with the high monthly payments by buying a new one yourself, why, because you are letting your wants take over your life at this point, more money, more stress to meet your want, maybe you really want a stroke along with it, too, but in any case you were driven by another's desire. In most cases this is what transpires, is it worth it, I think not, is it needed
... I think not.

When we seek what we want, rather then what we need, we end up with a result that, repeats itself in an endless circle, a circle which revolves to the same result time and time again, over and over again. To break our old ways, to create a new lasting path, we must embrace our needs, rather then the things we feel at the time are important, usually we direct ourselves to our temporary wants, rather then our long term goal of lasting needs.

Love works in the same fashion, long term needs are needed to create a lasting Love, a Love that is fostered and built by compassion and full complete understanding, rather than being created by false truths we create, for short term wants, truth is the fiber that binds us together, the lack of the truth is also what lets us grow apart or tears us apart, the real truth is in knowing and understanding ourselves, showing compassion to ourselves when we come to a paradox, sometimes we want things so bad, we just do not see the truth that lies within us all, at those times we must give ourselves time to deal with those inner hurts which will try to control our actions, which create our behavior.

Attitude is very hard to control, because it does not show us the inner workings of why it was created, but behavior can be controlled, because this is the part that is seen and can be charted.

We must learn to accept the truths we find within ourselves, realizing no matter what we find there, we will take the truth we find there and apply it to the goals that can be attained by us, to expand our inner self, so then we may respect the inner truths of others, so the Love we choose to build, will have a place to grow, also leaving room for the Love to grow and foster, because without a place to grow and foster, the Love we nurtured will surly die, as well as the Love we project to others.

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