msm © animated image"The Universe is a planned existence for those who choose."
...Masterstoneman 1999

We have gathered, here on this planet we call "EARTH", knowing not why our placement was made to this region of space, wondering, perplexing, finding it hard to understand why we are here. It is sad to think that we are here to create conflict, destroy, maim people, realize our irrational dreams, believe in everything, except that , which we know to be true.

It's really hard to understand any of that which we do not grasp the knowledge of. Why we as people, set out to destroy, or change, to fit into the little worlds we build for ourselves. This thought, in my opinion, will not change in the near future, due primarily, to the selfish needs we have grown accustomed to realizing in our outer lives. The future will not progress until, we as the chosen people start to believe in ourselves, showing compassion for one another, understanding for each other, and the ability to reflect upon each other, without reprisals.

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Just as there are links on the internet/web to link information together, we the people who have been chosen to accomplish the lost path, are indeed links to a vast amount of inner knowledge. The real problem though lies in the gathering of this information, which lies deep within each of us, which makes each and everyone, as important as the next one.

Were you ever on line and found a missing link, one that did not work any more? You found that you needed this link to proceed. Finding this an impossible task to bear, you give up, just as it happens in real life. But in life we need every link in order to finish the story… to lead us back to the path from which we started, so we can proceed into the future. Its more important in my opinion to build character within each and every one of ourselves, rather then spending so much time gathering wealth and power, which can only be used for a limited time.

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Our souls or inner beings, are never ending, they are without time limitations, where wealth and power only last from time period to time period. It is of no value to your soul to gain these trivial things of wealth and power, instead it is more important to gain the knowledge of what we are, to become the realized potential we were meant to become within ourselves.

This is where the structure of our goals should lead us. The sad truth is, that by the time we realize this fact, we will have all died out. We will have to start out, from scratch, the new quest…seeking out the old path to return home, where everything began. Hopefully we will be forgiven, for the lack of understanding we removed ourselves from, in the beginning. It is my belief, though, that the torment we put ourselves through in the beginning, will be enough self punishment, so we can go forward and accept what we knew at first to be the correct path to take, that of which, being what we were meant to be, and only that. The path of the light, which was to shine for all to see, will be coming soon.

When that day comes, then and only then, will we find out what we really lost for all those years. Change that we felt was needed at the time, will simply diminish from are consciousness, never to be thought of again, for this will be an end for which to build a new beginning. Then at last, the universe will be able to move forward once again, forever more. When the universe starts its new move forward, we will see the beauty never before seen, by any of the ones that came first to this place. We will be able to pass through time and space, with such ease, there are no words to describe what this feeling will be like. Though we will understand the mistakes that we have made, we will be more advanced in our thinking, being able to see why they were made, in the first place.

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If we went back to the time and place we received the "gift" that we should not have accepted, we would find that it was the mistake of all time. Had it not been for this "gift" that we asked for and took, we might have progressed to the level that we will start at, in the very near future. It only looks like a big mistake because we are human now. Time from our point of view, drags on, but at the same time, is short in terms of our life spans, if you realize it.

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