Having professed to be from antiquity, Masterstoneman, a Mesozoic entitiy, has taken on many monolithic and epoch megalithic forms as he has passed through the eons.

Two of those periods are presented here, with more additions planned to show the many facets and intricacies that make up the foundation for the intuitivism expressed in his Insights.

The original art graphics depicting Masterstoneman are copyrighted and presented for viewing only, not to be copied and used elsewhere, thank you for observing this rule.

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Masterstoneman in antient Egyptian Thebes

the colossus Memnon said to produce
musical sounds when struck by
the rays of the morning sun.

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"the Hall of Gems at Crystal Cavern"
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Masterstoneman in prehistoric England

Stonehenge a monument in Wiltshire,
north of Salibury, believed by some to
be a temple for sky worship and
connected with the Druids.

Stonehenge photos courtesy of "Stonehenge by night"
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Clipart Kingdom...
Bryce background in 
Egyptian graphic
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