Masterstoneman, has also become many objects as he passed through antiquity. In his journeys he embraced many different cultures and paths of spiritual enlightenment.

Mandellas (mandalas), or symbolic diagrams, are just one of the venues that have provided an expression of his intuitivism in artistic form.

The following copyrighted graphics are interpretations of some of the many native cultures that have captured the enigma that is ... Masterstoneman.

Master's Native American Mandella ©

Native American inspired mandella
...adorned with symbolic eagle and owl feathers, fur, leather, pony and bone hairpipe beads. Prairie ponies race across the teepee backdrop of the "Mastery" depicted in a sand painting, embellished with traditional type gemstones of turquois, coral and onyx set in silver.


Master's Mandella of the Moors ©

Moorish Masterstoneman mandella
...emerges from the embroidered detail of a desert tent, draped in tiger trappings. Handmaiden spears guard the entrance to the likeness of the Master, enhanced with characteristic cowries. A Master Crystal is suspended from the hanging golden mask/hilt topped with a sphere known as "the MasterMarble".


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Sneugle's Stationery...tubes of owl and eagle feathers Pastiche...suede and tiger textures 5th Street of turquois cabochon
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