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This is a major project that I put a great deal of work into, but it was a labor of love. Been interested in the physical beauty of gemstones and their metaphysical aspects for a great many years. The gemstones you will find here are my original art, graphic interpretations, created in Paint Shop Pro-v6. From my experience working with actual gems, some of these come pretty close to the real thing...some though, have to be granted "artistic license"    : ) ...(smile)

Made these pages for two reasons. First am making these gem tubes available for download as linkware. Usually offer my tubes as freeware, but put a great deal of time and effort into making the gems and their setting tubes that can be downloaded from my linkware page, that link is the right button at bottom of this page. These are not the typical non-descript "jewels" usually found for download, made a huge attempt at specific gem realism. You can see these tubes in use on the second and third page of my fantasy jewels (close the window to return here).

Now we come to the second reason. It is my hope to shed a little light on the physical and metaphysical aspects of these gems and maybe spur someone's interest in the fascinating subject of Mother Nature's minerals. The revelations pertaining to gemstone production, physical qualities and aspects for working with gemstones presented here are mainly based on my personal observations working with and selling gemstones for over 20 years. A reference listing is also located on the last page of this gemstone section or can be accessed with conclusion link below.

The gems displayed here are just the tip of the iceberg of gemstones that are often refered to as "healing stones" and were mainly chosen for my graphic creation, so this group is far from comprehesive. At this time, 28 gemstone types are covered on these pages but, as time permits, hope to be adding more to each group. Links of interest will be found throughout these pages, if you want to delve further into metaphysical study. They open in new windows, just close them to return here.

Although I use my gemstones and treasure them dearly, it is my belief that they are just tools to help you concentrate or focus on your own energy to accomplish those tasks or needs that you may have from the universe. No gemstone or mineral in itself, can make you a millionaire or bring the love of your life instantly to you ... you have to "work for" anything you want from the universe or life.

Most purveryors of minerals or gemstones are ethical and would not knowingly pass along corrupt material. I did not intend for these pages to become a "what your gemstone dealer never told you" issue, but feel it is important that anyone purchasing and/or using gemstones, especially those who are neophites, should be aware that some materials, more often those in great demand, can be something that is not naturally found that way or can be something that Mother Nature may not have issued forth at all.

There are three cabochons of each type shown on these pages, each tube download zip has one gemstone of each shape:   round, oval and square. The oval aquamarine seen in this title image is approx 50% of actual tube size. If you are planning to download and use these tubes read the information at the bottom of this page first. And please read the gemstone aspects, they represent a lot of time and effort, too. Have arranged my gems into Chakra groups... which, in a nutshell, means they are grouped by color. Click on a button below to go to the respective group...

violet hued gemstones
Crown Chakra

indigo hued gemstones
Brow or Third eye Chakra

light blue hued gemstones
Throat Chakra

green hued gemstones
Heart Chakra

golden hued gemstones
Solar plexus Chakra

orange hued gemstones
Navel or Sacral plexus Chakra

red and black hued gemstones
Base or Root Chakra

and continuation
Conclusion to gemstones

These gemstone tubes are offered as "Linkware only", which means you must provide a link back to me in order to use them, please read the  terms of use  before downloading any of these tubes. If you use them, this is the url for my link address:


as using these images without this information will be considered unauthorized use. This seems a small enough "price" for the work I have put into making these graphics & their tubes. Hope you find something you can use and thanks for visiting and please stop back. You can re-visit "the Mastery" by clicking on his image below:

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