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[ Just as electricity has a negative charge as-well-as a postive charge, the chakras also have negative aspects attributed to each. Even though it is sometimes better to know the enemy so as to confront it, have tried to leave out the negatives associated with the chakras to balance what some might consider negative about the gemstones that I have presented here.   : (  ]
The Solar plexus Chakra, number three, located below the chest and above the navel, is the center of personal power, intellect and vitalizes the nervous system and digestive process. The color assigned to this chakra is the golden yellow of the sun, designating intellectual and astral force.
The tubes here are of the cabs only,  settings tubes  can be downloaded from my linkware pages. Click on the images below to download the linkware zip file. All three shapes are in each gemstone PSPv6 tube and are the same size as the oval cab, shown here at actual tube size.

Read more about  the THIRD CHAKRA  at the bottom of the page.


citrine gemstones 
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Citrine is a transluscent to clear member of the quartz family and is a sister to Amethyst, so close in fact, that gemstones can be found with both minerals in one gem, which is known as Ametrine. Colors of citrine range from almost devoid of color, yellow, golden brown to burnt sienna or a redish brown. Natural citrine, which commercially comes from geodes as does mass-produced amethyst, is much more rare and indeed may really be its sibbling, amethyst, that has been subjected to intensive heat to produce the colors mentioned.

Color change in some minerals has been attributed to geothermal pressure or heat produced by the earth over millions of years. If you're not a purist or do not have time, expertise or the wallet to find certified natural citrine, heat-treated citrine, could therefore become simply... something that man has helped along in its evolution.

Speaking of wallets or something associated with money, citrine is called the "merchant's stone" and keeping a piece of citrine in the cash drawer is reputed to enhance its accumilation. Citrine can be helpful for other types of accumilation, specifically pursuit of knowledge or any situation calling for the use of intellect and is reputed to stimulate mental focus and bring clarity. It however is one of two minerals that do not accumilate negativity and rarely, if ever, needs cleansing. The other mineral is Kyanite.

"Cleansing gemstones and minerals" There are many methods of doing this, too many in fact to list them all. It is my feeling that simply putting them under a faucet of running water is sufficient. I do not advocate the use of sea salt, that is often recommended, as some minerals & gems are porus and repeated exposure to abrasives such as even a mild salt can eventually harm them. In fact, water can even be dangerous to some minerals, like Halite, which is a form of salt that would disintergrate if left in water. Use discretion in how you treat your gems, in whatever form you have acquired them, after all am sure you will want to keep them "healthy" and around you for as long as possible. ]

Citrine is another gem that is said to be a stone used in the breastplate of the high priest.


tiger eye gemstones 
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What child or many adults (including me) can resist the flash and radiance of Tiger eye quartz. All that flash is due to chatoyancy or reflections from the fibers of natural gold asbestos or composition of the quartz which has replaced it.

In addition to the most often seen gold or golden brown, this gemstone can be found naturally in blue, a green/blue or in a red mahogany color, the later is often called Cherry Tiger eye. It can also be seen in colors that Mother Nature never painted: bright green, blue, purple and other "brights". Although this is not a costly gemstone, even the Blue and Cherry Tiger eye, which are less common in nature, are sometimes achieved though intensive heat treating the brown stones. If you want a blue or cherry stone, don't think you can put a brown one in an oven ... disasterous results. Tiger eye is sometimes cut into a cabochon in such a way, that all of the reflection aligns in one area in the center of the stone and thus resemble Cat's eye chrysoberyl or quartz, a more expensive gemstone.

Tiger eye posesses a solar energy that can be helpful to tap into pyschic awareness and is said to bring clarity to confusion. It also has protective quality and is reputed to be useful in the attainment of wealth. It is my personal feeling that wearing Tiger eye can enhance your personal radiance, maybe this is an inate feeling with others creating jewelry with this gemstone or with their buyers, as this is a very popular gemstone in jewelry of all price ranges.


pyrite gemstones 
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It is easy to see why Pyrite is labelled "fools gold" as it does seem to be a real gold nugget with a brass yellow color and is sometimes even found near gold deposits. Pyrite, also known as Iron Pyrite, is not a stone, but more metallic ore or to be exact, Iron Sulfide. Here is another "fantasy cab", for real life jewelry at least, never had it in cabochon form, only as a tumble polished gem or mineral specimen, although very small cut and polished pieces are used in jewelry and are known as Marcasite.

My husband, Masterstoneman , has produced some beautiful wire wrapped amulets with tumble polished gems and small specimen. Both forms of this gem can exhibit raised nugget type of formations interspersed with very sparkly small grains. Was told by a Reiki Master that Pyrite does "work" similiar to gold... at a fraction of the cost of the real thing, guess it isn't so foolish after all  : )

Pyrite is found in several locations throughout the world, from my experience, Peru, Spain and the U.S.A. provide the most attractive material. Peru provides the material that was described above. The Spanish specimen is an intreging single large cube. The most unusal formation of pyrite is found, mainly, in the U.S. and mostly in conjunction with coal mines, where it forms in flattened, radiating rounded shapes that are called Pyrite Suns.

Pyrite can also combine with other minerals in one gemstone, Lapis lazuli comes to mind as an example of where it is found on a regular basis. It can, also be a chance occurance combined with any mineral and when found, is said to add the aspect of protection to that particular gemstone.


amber gemcabs
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Amber, especially from the baltic area which is one of the most well-known sources for it, is another in-high-demand gem. Have purposely left off the ending of stone, because Amber is not a stone, but a fossilized resin issued from trees, most likely conifers, eons ago. During this process flora and even insects sometimes became entraped. A specimen with a rare occurance of an insect, usually commands a high premium on one that is already costly due to the popularity of this gem.

Since a resin can be melted, have heard that, in the quest of profit, fabrication of this rarity has been produced in this manner. Have seen examples of products made of another resinous or plastic material with chips of Amber imbedded and some plastic or even antique celluoid can closely mimic the look and feel of real amber. There are tests professed to reveal authenticity, like a hot needle and rubbing with wool, but these are not foolproof and can even ruin a costly item. If you are attracted to Amber, study examples that you know are real before investing heavily in something that could be fantasy.

My fantasy gem tube images, above, include the insect rarity and in all three gems, no less,...lol. They also have a transparent area in each that will allow a background to show through. If you make some cyber jewelry that repeats a gem, be sure to vary the colors by colorizing, as no two gems in real life would be exactly the same.

Considered a sacred item to many ancient, ethnic and native groups, Amber was even thought to be a magical living entity because it could be found as the tomb of something that had been alive. The breastplate of the high priest is said to have contained Amber.


The THIRD CHAKRA , Solar plexus (Manipura) is attributed with the following qualities:  authority and radiance, mental energy, humor, self-control and transformation. In general, gemstones associated with this chakra can be used to enhance or bring out these qualities. sphere imageThis chakra is linked with...the Element of Fire.
The elemental fire signs of the Zodiac: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are grouped with this chakra.
The traditional symbol is a circle or sphere.


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